Echoes of Emilee



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Mageara was the head crone of the long-existing Butler clan in Cahir, Ireland. She had cast a curse on Carrick McKinley of the Footfalls in the thirteenth century. Carrick is a vampire waiting for the right person to release him from his curse so he can have his revenge on the last of the Butler clan. The curse bound him from saving Emilee, the one he loved but never changed.

Nine centuries later he has found his way for revenge. The one he desires to kill is the last of the Butler clan that murdered Emilee. He just needs to find a way to escape.

Allyson Joy Butler is the last of the Butler Clan. She has no idea what history she has with the Goddess Conchen.

As Mageara tries to hinder Carrick from tricking Allyson into a release of the Curse of Seclusion, the goddess gets involved.

Fourteen Centuries ago Mageara's greatest ancestor tried to overthrow the Godhead of the ninth heaven. Goddess Conchen has been planning her own revenge for the murder of most of her family.

The story spins old and new magic with a reality of immortality and humor. The lives of Conchen's first chosen ones are introduced and entwined as curses are released, dreams are brought to reality and new curses are brought to fruition.

Introducing: Author Karin-Rochelle

Paranormal-Fantasy author, Karin-Rochelle, stirs the cauldron of your mind and leaves you spellbound in the mysterious Irish castle on Cahir as you face god, goddess, vampire and crone in this new vampire novel.  Whether you read at dawn or under the moon's omnipresent eye, Karin's metaphysical world mixes fact and fantasy that will have you locked in its spell quicker than you can say the proverbial "I vant to suck your blood". 

Echoes of Emilee is not the regular 'witch's brew'.  As you fall into the Echoes Vampire Society, be forewarned: You won't want Karin's last word to be her FINAL word. 

Karin-Rochelle has written many magazine and newspaper articles and over 100 lyrics and poems. 

She lives in Kentucky with her best friend, her two dogs, Lilly and Gizmo, and three cats: Blackie, Tessoract and Mageara.  She reads paranormal books by Sherylynn Kenyon, Anne Rice and many others.  Karin invites you to take a look at chapter 1 of her book which you can find as a blog entry.


                         Karin~Rochelle, Author